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Aroflow uPVC Pipes

We Have manufacturing Aroflow upvc pipes with wide range of size and specification.Range of pipe sizes in various.....

Dekora Gold PVC Pipes
We Have manufacturing Dekora Gold ISI 4985 Pvc pipes with wide range of size and specification.Range of pipe sizes in various.....

Aro Plast Enterprise is a Gujarat - India based leading pvc pipes manufacturing and supplier company. All kind of PVC plastic pipes are easily purchased under single window named as aroflow and dekora gold. When it comes to the most trustworthy deal for the PVC pipes wholesale then we are on the top rank. But how can you forget our UPVC pipes which all are universally praised for their durability.



We are a professionally managed organization which is wholeheartly engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of different types of industrial pipes.


One palm weighing in tradition and the other in technology, we synchronise the two and carry our dream further where we work towards self attainment by providing quality and customer satisfaction.


Own by techno commercial expert of this industries. We at AroPlast enterprise committed to give technically sound and durable PVC Pipes to serve various areas.


Aro Plast Enterprise Value


We are committed to maintain

» Integrity
» Quality
» Transparency in all sphere of our business.


Why Us ?

We believe that quality is the lifeline of every business and we are committed to satisfy our customers by manufacturing and supplying quality. We have proactive approach to uphold integrity in conducting our business and provide conducive environment for individuals to perform and excel in their areas of operation. Our ultimate motto is customer satisfaction.




Our specific area like

• Agriculture Fields

• Housing sector

• Infrastructure development. (SEZ, SIR, GIDC, industrial park. etc. )

• Power and telecommunication cable ducting

• Non-corrosive and corrosive industries

• Smaller maintenance area like Re-development, Re-construction

• Big industries Textile, Pharma, Fertilizer and Chemicals etc.


The range of product are various and of well observe commercial and ISI standards. In all sizes of most used.




Brand Aroflow and Dekora Gold
We at “Aroflow and Dekora Gold” believe that no product can survive in such a competitive market without a brand identity of its own. The Product will loose its niche and self-appeal if a proper branding and a customer support system does not co-exist along with the presence of product on the shelves.